Magdalene Christianity 

The Seven Portals

Our Magdalene journey involves seven portals opening to different chapters that are ways of exploring who she was and is.

​​I invite you to step in; the musings and resources within each portal shine a light on this beautiful soul, always taking us a little further towards Mary Magdalene as a hidden influence in our lives today.

Like every soul, the Magdalene soul has evolved through the ages; it’s her story and ours and includes the vital role of spiritual beings; this introduction to the evolution of consciousness sets the scene for the full scope of ‘Magdalene Christianity’.

Spiritual Beings at Work in the World

From the Age of the Ancient Creatrix

Earth Mysteries to Empires

Patriarchy Storms In

Wisdom Waits in the Underworld

Crises of Materialism

Who was Mary before Jesus? What made her so special to the first Christians? How were the women sidelined? Why did the Gnostics claim her? This portal presents contemporary revisions about the early church and new insights about the ‘Apostle to the Apostles’.

On Mary’s Authority Before Meeting Jesus

Mary Magdalene – Back to the Beginning

A Vision of an Early Rift

Apocrypha and the Gnostics

Enter the Roman Church

Saints and visionary innovators in diverse spiritual paths can be understood through symbols derived from their lives, names, places and manner of death. The symbols of Mary Magdalene will bring us closer to her and her importance in our lives now.

Mary – What’s in a Name?

The Tower of Far-Seeing

Seven Demons and the Well of Life

The Alabaster Jar of Aromatic Oil

The Skull and the Enigma of Death

The Red Egg

Legends evolve over time, often fanciful yet penetrating behind mainstream religion to offer inner truths that fulfill a deep soul need; here we explore Mary’s many legends as another way of discovering the real woman behind her stories.

The Continuing Power of Legend

Journeys, Sacred Places, Remembrances and Bones

A Sea Voyage, A Cave and Words of Life

Grail Bearer and Messenger

Wife or Beloved?

An Alchemist in Alexandria

Mary’s life re-acquaints us with the divine feminine that lives in our souls, reminding us of the need to reclaim and renew the Wisdom and Love goddesses so vital for balanced humanity and the whole earth’s wellbeing.

It’s All About Harmony

The Rhythms and Songs of the Goddess

Wisdom’s Many Faces

Towards the New Isis

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

How we can trace the Magdalene soul through her further incarnations and inspiration at transformative points in history, often unmarked in the world of material affairs,  and her spiritual presence available now to guide us towards the essence of who we are and can be.

The Once and Future Magdalene

Celtic Goddess and Irish Saint

The Wronged Queen

 The Maid of Destiny

The Magdalene Soul Today

Wisdom speaks through the heart of Mary, the first woman initiated into the new Christ mystery. Her wonderful gospel unfolded during my meditation on the most unusual Easter Sunday 2020 in the midst of Covid-19 isolation.

Mary’s Wisdom gospel of the soul has a special place in my heart.

The seven I AM sayings found in the Gospel of John speak also of Mary Magdelene’s initiatory journey and appear in her gospel. As well there is an I AM saying especially relevant to Mary.  

The I AM refers to the spiritual self, a potential in each of us. So this extension portal exploring inner themes of the soul is for everyone on the spiritual path.


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