Magdalene Christianity


and the Feminine Path of Initiation

A high human initiate incarnated as Mary Magdalene in first-century Palestine, bringing with her ancient feminine wisdom developed through earlier incarnations.

​​​She received a new world-changing impulse through Jesus the Christ, in whom the archetypes of myth became mystical fact on the plane of human existence. 

And in the power of the mystery of love and death mary magdalene fulfilled the destiny that began for her when the world was young.

But we lost her.

The Magdalene’s profound experience, unique in the history of women, has long been entangled in misunderstanding and ungrounded claims. Yet like a rare plant her truth has survived in darkly hidden, hard to uncover, places. I know and feel in my heart that if we allow this to come into the light, we will encounter her wonder and beauty. And we will know her anew.

Who was she? Who was she in her culture? What did she offer then, and what does she have to offer us two millennia later?

I’m Helen Martineau, teacher, speaker, author

and lover of the mysteries.

Join me as we search for Mary Magdalene in all her wonderful colours, a journey that will take us through the labyrinth on a personal Grail quest and into the secret of lost Christianity.

The Framework for the Journey

Magdalene Christianity begins with the human soul, which consists of the contents of our consciousness, non-physical yet vibrantly alive in us. And at the very heart of our soul is the spiritual ‘I’. That is, we are triune beings of body, soul and spirit.

We incarnate to discover and awaken that spiritual self, the essence of who we are, and through our own hard work and discipline seek to penetrate beyond ordinary knowledge to knowledge of spiritual reality. The deepest initiatory purpose of human life is to manifest the spiritual self in the world.

Mary Magdalene did realise and live out this destiny.

She shone brightly in a world dominated by men and patriarchal beliefs. She was a visionary with the courage to live her knowing and her loving, to stand firm in her feminine power and vulnerability. How she became the first apostle of Christ is part of the story I will tell through this site. 

It’s a story concerning the mystical experience of the ‘inner Christ’ behind the soul’s expressions on the earth plane. Our exploration also extends to the soul’s place in world events through the ages, in a relationship with spiritual beings who from the beginning have played a part in the evolution of consciousness.

Then there are the keys to the reality of Mary’s extraordinary impact, and to her further incarnations where she has played new roles to help move spiritual evolution forward. Mary Magdalene is that important.

My experience and study of the magdalene has convinced me that:

  • There is indeed a rarely understood depth in the story of Christ Jesus, existing as an almost forgotten stream beneath the patriarchal church as an institution.
  • The feminine archetype is a vital part of the Christ spirit, known as I AM, with spiritual, psychological and physical dimensions. This led me to the conviction that an explorer of the inner life is inevitably a feminist. ‘Magdalene Christianity’ begins, then, with claiming the rejected half of the human soul and this is important for women and men.
  • When the balance of the feminine is restored this will diminish rejection of ‘the other’, whether it is defined as gender orientation, ethnicity, social group, class or religion. And love and care for the earth herself will become the norm.
  • After two thousand years genuine Christianity as the practice of love in its highest expression has barely been awakened, yet today many souls are responding to a profound inner need. 

In a real sense the content of this site is about all of us. It’s about human beings.

Mary Magdalene, the powerful but enigmatic female initiate, will be our potent guide as we undertake the journey towards the true humanity of the future that promises wholeness in body, soul and spirit.